Kuztom Kuz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Prayer Enlightment Guidance Spoken Word To Help You Walk Through The Day.

As you arise before stepping out your door speak to the morning Angel that rule the day. Tell them what the night forces of life have been to you(the spirit of God spoke directly Hiley, them what the night has been doing to you).

Speak accordingly the breaking cycle of a new day, In Jesus Name Our Father who is the most high God to be praised above all the God. Whatever you ask in Jesus name shall be so. You came seeking & knocking that’s why God said Hiley, speak to the Morning Angel of the morning tell them what the night forces of life has been doing, I spoke accordingly, In the name of Jesus Angel of the day, the night forces of darking has been plotting & fighting against me. Instantly I saw Zeus Greek Sun God move in the spirit shut & lock a door. He said Demeter, been stealing, the Greek Gods daughters of the kingdom has been stealing.

Heaven & Hell is raging, the Holy Ghost said men world leaders of the nation who supposed to set at the Head of the Body of Christ. Get in your place, all daughters of every level have been stealing..

~Kingdom Sends Greeting Generational Curse Broken~

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greetings; Zero Tolerance, My Word Shall Not Return Unto Me Void.

In this right now season the earth is without form (visible faith) and void; (the economy empty) darkness was on the face of the deep. And the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the water (our body living water/word). God hovering right in your face; He said “you Blind.”

The nation has been stealing, killing, & destroying 365 day of the year, it only took me 6 days to create my people a place to dwell & till their ground.

~3.6.5 Interpretation~

(3) Genesis 1:12 Meaning in the season of birthing creation, when God saw the earth was without form he said let there be. He brought forth grass upon the earth & the herb that yields seed according to its kind, & the tree that yields fruits, whose seed is in itself according to its kind & God saw that it was good. (13) So the evening & the morning were the third day.

65 (reversed chronological order) Satan tried it! 56 God he can shorten the days, just in case it may take other longer than some, follow command.

(5) Then God said, “let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures & let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens. (21) So God created great sea creatures & every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to its kind, & God saw that it was good. (22) and God blessed them saying, be fruitful & multiply, & fill the waters in the seas (fill your body with the word living water), & let birds multiply on the earth( God feed the chicken from the ground). (23) So the evening & the morning were the fifth day.

(6) (29) And God said, “see I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, & every tree whose Fruit Yields Seed; to you it shall be for food. (30) Also, to every bird of the air, & to everything that he had made, & indeed it was very good. So the evening & the morning were the sixth day.

God said I can do this process in one day if you follow commands, everyone get in your place. The rebellious of man & lack of faith, requires for you to apply repetition to get this process.

Numerology 111: 222:22:33:33:0: 66

1….2…3…4…5…6… 7 on the seventh day He rested from all his work.

In this season 0 zero tolerance; In six days I created all thing man need.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting Watchman Called To Prayer Hour Fire Hedge Of Protection Around Your Appointed Destiny; The Enemy Was Sent To Steal, Kill, & Destroy.

In the name of Jesus, in this hour watchmen are being called, to watch the snakes crawling around your Garden of Eden. They have been sent into your life assigned to eat you like dust(Genesis 3:14).

God formed man from the ground the dust (Genesis 2:7), God placed man in the Garden of Eden, in his spiritual kingdom & proved all his needs(Jehovah Jireh). God told Adam to work & take care of the Garden.

When God saw that all he had assigned to man, he said “it’s not good for man to be alone (Gen. 2:18). God caused man to rest from work, took one of man’s ribs & he made woman (meaning protecting the inner organ the office the wife of God house is to cover them in prayer), as a help meet suitable for him.

Soon as the snake saw that it was good & God had position man in his kingdom, the snake came & tricked woman out of what God had given to the head. The unity of Adam & Eve, meaning connected to woman; when she fell it automatically pulled down man to.

Be careful who you unite with along this journey, watch in this hour for the enemy sees that your position in the kingdom is good. Satan has been sent to curse you above all, that you may crawl & beg on your belly.

We’re living a season Satan is walking in the flesh a right now watch time zone.

The enemy, because of the fall of man he has put enmity (hostile) between man & woman & between your offspring & her. Satan (man) will crush your head (mental illness, dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder) & woman will strike his heel; crush his manly hood so that he can not walk straight(homosexuality).

In the name of Jesus the Dominus word has been birth to bring enlightenment. This a command blessing (John 5:10) word to guide you along your journey. This a key to unlock El’shaddi, throne room to inherit your spiritual inheritance he has stored up in heaven for his people.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Prayers A LyfeStyle Journey Part 2. Daily Enlightenment.

In my morning meditation God revealed to me I was swaying from side to side(left to right). God, spoke “you must find balance,” I ponder all day facing warfare for revelation but I continued to asking “swaying from side to side, find balance, what do you mean?”

I wasn’t able to set in morning meditation to receive the full down load of the revelation, I had matter to attend too.

All day, all the way up until 2pm I pondered asking one more time “what do you mean swaying from side to side? Oh! Please don’t tell me I’m double-minded!” He replied No!.

Thinking to myself okay good because I knew I had gone through that double-minded phase. I didn’t think I’d go back through that lesson again unless it was to undergird someone else for enlightenment. (Matthew 26:44) So he left them and went away once more and prayed the third time, saying the same thing. (God answered) I asked the final question again “what do you mean swaying side to side, find balance between the realms of good & evil.”

God spoke after six hours of pondering & facing warfare, he said “all things must come subject unto your Lord & Savior Jesus Christ you have the keys to heaven & hell your trials have given you dominion here on earth. In other words you have authority to speak to forces spiritual beings in Jesus name & they must listen. When I said find balance you must learn to walk in your authority for they know your vessel being used by the spirit of God & the other forces are trying to use you for the purpose.

(Epiphany spirit continues to give enlightenment this is a vision he gave on. The vessel that’s being used(your enemy) to think their casting sickness upon you are been controlled by the spiritual being forces of Darkness)

God continues to say “Hiley, you have power(Luke 10:19)I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

He revealed that since I have power & as God use me, they will too try use me as well, not to harm you, as long as you stand accordingly( Ephesians 6:13-14) Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. He said “it’s more of a lesson bring forth divine wisdom revelation understanding of the forces of life realm.” In other words their teaching & testing you.

When you walk in the divine balance authority in the spirit these forces must come subject unto your authority following the command. Rather than them trying to manipulate you(epiphany just now!), I had been facing spiritual warfare manipulation in the natural/flesh. I can see now that was the spiritual realm forces of life was using reverse psychology to use my authority to try & control me. God said “now when you learn to reverse that you have began your true journey walking in the spirit divine dominion authority(John 6:63) It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”

(1 Corinthians 15:28) And when all things have been brought subject to him(God), then the son himself will be made subject to him(God) who put all things under him(life), so that God may be all in all.

God said “now you remember when I told you in Prayers A Lifestyle Journey, that you would cross three spirit forces one being a Death Angel, he will be the last enemy to be destroyed(is death) 1 Corinthians 15:26 You must continue to reign, gain balance in the spiritual realm until you put all your enemies under your feet.(Psalms 110-1)The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. This level of spiritual warfare prayer will give you the anointing of Jesus as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane to know when your enemy has come, this will strengthen you to die, not a physical death but a spiritual flesh death.

Your flesh must go!…

(1 Corinthians 15:21) For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead comes also through a man(22) For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive.

Kingdom Sends Greeting Spiritual Seekers it’s our season to find balance in the spiritual realm in order for the true divine prayer warriors to walk in their authority in the spirit.

Swaying in the spirit..they just pushing us from side to side🤔😒y’all gonna keep Debo me😂😂..How rude!..this meaning because of your authority in the spirit their tryin to push you around intimidate you out your authority
Those who are just sitting in the spirit mean in the natural you just sit waiting, faith without works is dead..you waiting on God & Gods waiting on you, move!…
I saw a vision in the spirit their just spinning some around meaning in the natural your gonna just wonder around the same mountain.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Society You Are America.

As a African American young woman growing up in America, coming from a lower class broken home, on the other side of the tracks; I was labeled early & tagged by the system. Over the years I learned to stop being tagged by the system & started to learn about the system. As my maturity began to awaken me I returned back to school to pursue a education in Criminal Justice, which halted my pursuit in the healthcare field. I had been in & out of the healthcare field since I was 17, nursing assistant was my first job ever. At a early age my dream was to become a nurse & move to California, but of course life intervened & we chose the long way around.

As I began to see the injustice of my people my education career choice changed. Considering that I came from the very place it seemed at the time the justice system was robbing society, in which rob or be robbed was my original home where I grew up. I figured I could go into the justice system to learn the law in order to invoke change for my people.

Law pertains to our everyday living & without knowledge of it you will be drowned by the corruption of the system. So I enter into the system from the other side. It’s a totally different world going from being walk in with hand cuffs on to walking in a court setting with the lawyers & judges analyzing case.

After obtaining my Criminal Justice Diploma I quickly learned it isn’t what you know, it’s who you know in a small town southern tradition justice system. The grey area quickly flashed before my eyes I saw clearly the justice system only work for those who work for he system.

As the broken system continue to evolve straying further away from the biblical foundation of the constitution in which the law was founded upon, society continued to spiral out of control.

As the society v/s the law continued to sky rocket out of the social norm the nation was psychologically oppressed with COVID-19 peek-a-boo waving “Hi,” I want to join the force of injustice brutality that’s plaguing & oppressing the American people.

Now as the injustice brutality & the stress of oppression psychologically breaks down the mental state of our people, not only are we battling natural sickness, we now pushed into a feeble stated not just seeing faith for self but seeing for the nation as a whole.

This COVID-19 injustice brutality isn’t speaking in singular form, it spoke in plural volume across the nation. So the last thing the American people want to hear about is an argument about Obama Care, while facing a plague that wiping out society anyway. The Obama Care already in full bloom action which has had a positive affect. Do we totally agree with it, maybe some do, & maybe some don’t. The real question what is this take away from the American people pocket just to put in other pocket, a positive to cover the negative will give kick back result.

The argument shouldn’t be about doing away with it, but when will it be/should’ve already been made better. It’s quite clear we have to many chief & not enough Indians, those in office are more concerned with their next level of position in office their neglecting the position they already possess.

If a pandemic can strike this nation in a matter of minutes & we flip right around in less than two mouths print trillions of dollars, where it went ring around the roses a pocket full of who knows! Now you want the nation to believe it takes 5yrs to resolve a solution on a suitable healthcare plan, tie a society that’s still oppressed by the injustice brutality, just more stress.

How you fix one thing, only for the others to continue to add psychological stress oppressing the American people. Psychological stress is one of the number one key to unlock the gateway for sickness to consume the American people.

If the justice system can work for those working for the system, it can work for the society who pay taxes to the system. That knowledge isn’t to belittle us, it supposed to serve & protect us.

We the American citizens must do our role as well in order for the united as one we stand to actual show an effect.

If the can print trillions of dollars in just a few months to go ring around the rose into the pocket of those printing it, there’s enough common sense to come together without the level of degree or who you know or how long you been knowing & doing it, to hinder this matter a issue at hand that should’ve been resolved.

We all know once you hit 63 & 65 or if you have a child, you qualify for the Medicaid & Medicare government funded program.

Some know & some don’t know that they have free government grants, foreigners usually use this program when they come into the country, they apply for this money that they don’t have to pay back. How you think some come into the country an automatically start a business(gas station).

Now we have Obama Care that’s supposed to affordable healthcare so once you do away with it, you still have to come up with a plan that’s price based according the level of incoming COVID-19 allowing the American people to have.

God knows the government not gonna allow us to receive free healthcare, which considering this pandemic that rocked the nation, there should be a government allotment for a duration of time like unemployment.

Therefore affordable healthcare isn’t the real argument here, its quit obvious this is a stalling of time to make it seem like it’s a top priority. Besides what other quicker way to depopulate society other than a natural stress deterioration elimination of the American people after all heart attacks is one the number one killers.

The answer against injustice brutality isn’t fight a physical fight taring up your society, its a moral standard fight standing in knowledge faith power, until you see change.

The American people we are the justice system, we are the healthcare.

American people we are the change, voting puts them into office, this doesn’t constitute to put the blame on them.

We are the American people leadership in society, it starts with us.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Send Greetings Spiritual Seeker Enlightenment Learning To Walk In Devotion To God; Are You Willing To Give Your Life Away To Live A Prayer Life As Jesus Did In Gethsemane?

When you Been called to live a lifestyle of prayer you will be faced with three spirit being, death angel, distraction, & negativity.

Prayer not just schedule time to petition the supernatural for a request for a blessing, it’s a lifestyle that produces/birth the supernatural into the natural.

When Jesus went into prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus, was seeking his desire of a right now request from our father. That’s why he continuously petitioned God in prayer, Jesus, petition our father that “this cup be taking away.” This was Jesus moment of strength, he knew our father will shall be done.

Jesus also prayed “not my will but as you will.” While Jesus, was in this hour of prayer he continuously transitioned between the spiritual & natural realm. Not only did our father warn Jesus, that the hour had come for him to be hand over to his betrayer (Matthew 26:45) but God also had Jesus to forewarn his disciples to watch & pray so that they wouldn’t fall into temptation. For the spirit is willing but the body is weak.

As Jesus did as commanded too in this hour of prayer God, answered him warning him the hour has come he shall be handed over into the hands of sinners.

At this moment in Jesus earthly ministry he required a right now answer. A right now answer requires you to constantly be in the presence of our farther. Our father manual for life states in (Ephesians 6:18-19)And pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers & request with this in mind, be alert & always keep on praying for all the saints.(19) Pray also for me, that whenever I open my mouth, words maybe given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.

Our father disciple Apostle Paul, gave instructions to (Ephes.6:18) “pray ALWAYS with All Prayer & Supplication” ( to ask or beg for something earnestly or humbly) in the the spirit.

God told me when I was called into the office & given a Watchman Prayer Mantle Anointing he said “Hiley, prayer not just about scheduling time, prayer a lifestyle. He said the reason you stay in prayer asking for so long, it’s about the same time I’ve been call you into prayer.”

When I heard God, say prayer was a lifestyle, I began to analyze (Ephesian 6: 18) instruction “Pray Always with All Prayer & Supplication in the Spirit.”

I jumped in my spirit questioning God “how in the world we pray always in the spirit, we must be active in society, you said “if a man don’t work, he don’t eat” so how am I supposed to pray all the time?”

Before God, gave the instruction clearly I believe he was just watching to see how I would handle praying always without ceasing. When I began this journey of “Always Praying,” I would be riding down the highway praying in the spirit (speaking in the gift of tongues) or on the job praying in the spirit. I had been doing it so much a co-worker walked up to me one day & said “you pray amiga” (she was from Guatemala).

Shortly after God, monitoring my devotion as watchman intercessor prayer warrior he finally said “prayer a lifestyle, what you consume, commune daily, & the sacrifice you make. He said I’m calling you into a fasting & prayer lifestyle give up meat!”

At first I was perplexed because giving up lemon peppered wing & chilli hot dogs had become a life of satisfaction for me; but slowly as I grew more eating, drinking, & praying in the spirit, I began to notice I was no longer eating meat. By walking in obedience constantly communing with God, he slowly removed this desire out of my life (revelation Matthew 26:41) Prayer is a lifestyle chastising the flesh for “The spirit is willing but the body is weak. As you watch & pray this will forewarn you & strengthen you to prevent you from falling into temptation.”

I was called to walk journey Prayers A Lifestyle in 2010, God actual removal of meat from my life came into affect in 2015, as he began to part the Red Sea, delivering me out bondage from Pharaoh corrupt religious leaders.

God, also stated “in this season I’m also removing some of the spiritual weight/extra load you have been carrying, as I removed this desire for you to consume flesh/meat. This process of not consuming meat will help remove some of the toxic waste & help normalize your hormonal imbalance, you had experienced in the past.”

Once again perplexed in my spirit so I asked “hormonal imbalanced what you mean God?” he said “yes, just as you/we have emotion, they also have emotion & hormonal stimulation too.” So the cliche you are what you eat has true meaning behind it.

Since my journey walk praying a lifestyle God, has been prompt to answer my prayer request I don’t have to beg. Some prayer request take longer to see actual manifestation in the natural because you have to grow into a level of maturity but while in the process of growing you’ll see assurance that Gods, working on your behalf.

Kingdom Send Greetings Spiritual Seekers today let’s choose to make Jesus, prayer that he prayed at the Garden of Gethsemane our lifestyle choice of daily living while here on earth.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Send Greetings; Life To Grand, But Not Grand When Your Happiness & Opportunity Being Sacrificed So That The Million-Billionaires Can Have.

The Americans people since the beginning of time has been known to follow keeping up with the Jones. The COVID-19 financial world advocate has spoken & made it quite clear the average millionaire, billionaire in order for them to obtain this life; They had to foresee upcoming riches in another life, sacrificing them for their selfish lavish lifestyle. Not only are they sacrificing & robbing the American people so that they cup will run over, some that portray this lifestyle don’t really have financial means to keep up this lifestyle. When financial burdens hit their house hold it cause a financial strain in society because of the scheme & lies to live a lifestyle of keeping up with the Jones. America it’s okay to live at your financial means level, so not only you can have a chance to live the American Half-A-Millionaire Dream.

Kuztom Kutz Kingdom Sends Greeting; Poetic Flow…Viewing Life From A Abstract View, Wondering How & Who Zapped You Through The Portal Of Time…

Looking at life from abstract view, mentally trying to processing how?…

Straight ahead you look & ask did you?…

A slight turn to the right, did you?…

A slight turn counter clockwise you turn, did you?…

Asking all around!…

Did you zap me through this mentally twisting portal of life time?…

If not you then who, how did I arrive in the middle of a chaotic negative spiral mentally twisting fight wondering about time?…

Did you zap me through a time portal of life?…

I’m standing here puzzled viewing life from a abstract side, just looking asking time all around how?…

Kingdom Sends Greetings; Church Business, Is Big Business For Show Business. 21st Century Angel Of Lights Has Become One Of The Biggest Sex Trafficking Political Organization Across The Nation.

Exposing one the biggest sex trafficking organization working under the master minds of political control with a hedge of protection covered by false doctrine. This plague of yeast has spread throughout the body of Christ, for over centuries the commissioned disciple have been converted into a defiled idolatry leadership organization.

(2 Peter 2:18) For when they speak great swelling words of the flesh, through lewdness, the ones who have actually escaped from those who live in error.(19) While they promise them liberty they themselves are slaves of corruption; For by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.

Clothed in sheep clothing they present themselves to the wilderness seekers whom are lost in a world of darkness, they come as an Angel of Light for their selfish elevation to a position in political power over those whom they have lead astray by their false doctrine & labeled as spiritual ignorant.

(Matthew5:13-14) Says clearly, those commissioned by God(13) You are the salt of the eath: but if salt lose its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out & trampled underfoot by men(14) You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden(15)Nor do they light a lamp & put it under a basket but on a lampstand, & it gives light to all who are in the house.

The purpose of the set apart clergy is to equip the lost lame sheep to with stand the enemy in times of chaos, not season them to be sent out for slaughter in the wilderness as the Angel of light intercessory shield protecting them from their damnation of sin.

For years Christian ministries have evolved across the nation growing more into political ties straying away from the biblical foundation of God mission here on earth. The people needs of true guidance has been neglected for the needs of idolatry worshippers being for filled as they rise to higher position in leadership. Instead of being their brothers keeper & baring one another burdens, they learned to use scriptural knowledge to lay burdens upon the lost sheep shoulders yoking them to their enslavement trade organization. Leaving them ignorant of the adversary tactic.

(Ephesians 6:12)For we wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities(leaders, magistrates, & rulers this is the same s President Commander-in-Chief), against power(authorities law etc.), against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in Heavenly places.

This list of chain of spiritual political command has become one of the world largest sex trafficking organization across the nation. Satan organization well organized, tied to political power & corrupt religious leader connection. Over years idolatry worship has always played apart in mans way of living.

When Moses, went up to Mount Sinai, the people had Aaron, to build a golden calf for them to worship (Exodus32).

As the corrupt religious & political leaders gamble with life, loosing their hand & possession to Satan, in their Satanic ritual games. They began to cash in & sell the women for monetary possession to recover the bad bankrupt credit with Satan, but this round even higher power in leadership.

These Satanic ritual over the years has become the social norm which requires a life for the price of your soul, tied with sexual sin blood sacrifice has grown to nation. Over the years these idolatry satanic worship leaders have learned to use theologian knowledge to train Gods lost sheep to psychological transform the into worker for Satan. Basically their preparing to spend your life in eternal Hell (Matthew23:13) “Woe to you teachers of the law & Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the doors of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

Wake up American & all nationalities, no longer allow yourself to be lead astray by corrupt religious leader they are using Gods sheep for selfish purpose, their slaughtering us & using wool/hide to cover them as they go forth as wolves in sheep clothing. They have been hiding behind us, using us as shield of protection. Selling your mothers, daughter, & sisters into a sex trade organization. A lot of the religious leader follow the old testament way of life. They believe in having concubine to selling in place of their wives & daughters. Once they have lost their Satanic Game of life they have to offer a sacrifice. (Exodus 21:7) And if man sells his daughter to be a female slave, she shall not go out as the man slaves do(8) if she does not please her master who has betrothed her to himself, then he shall let her be redeemed.

Wake up Nation we are the church, stop giving your power away for monetary value, join El’shaddi, a spirit of truth army to stomp out sin out of our pulpit & shut down their idolatry satanic house of worship one the largest hidden sex trafficking organization in the nation. Your faith walk should mean your forced to walk a life lewdness.

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