Kuztom Kutz Spiritual Demonic Encounter Enlightenment.

When Summoning A Spirit Force’s Satan Knows That You Should Test A Spirit By The Spirit. The Spirit You Have the Spirit You Will Summon. Not all set out to do harm. A Tangled Web Of Lies plotting on a Spirit or truth. Your spirit of a Lie, Will Draw Forth A Lying Spirit That Will Have Your Lie Show The Truth..
These Broken Mental Immature whom suffer from low self esteem & insecurities have an innocent tax paying citizen of America entangled up in a web of lies. Wayne wants Dhea Sodano to his self but their insecurities of playing with life tryin beat the game of controlling one another life by satanic control has torn them..Boy you better wake up GetA’Lyfe & Leave me out y’all mess…

Kuztom Kutz The Bitter Betty Oral Sex Mafia. It Is True Sex Make The World Go Round

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The Barbie Mafia Every nite Leave babies Unattended to attend the Shady Grove Matrix Strip Club. In this world the have countlessly dating site & mental orgy oral sex encounter. That birth disturbance into the natural rearrange our society causing it to be in a uproar of chaos., the matrix strip club sex Lyfe these ladies are live will get a innocent person kick on the free website..it’ll Get you fired from your job..whatever these celebrities matrix Prostitute wishes these hidden millionaires & billionaires uses their connections in power to shift our nation around.. Welcome to the new world order sisterhoods, brotherhood of hypocrites way of living.

Kuztom Kutz Trendy Wigz City Sportz Hatz & Fashion Birthing Season; The New York Knicks Squad Up Zone.

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Kuztom Kutz Poetic Flow; How Dare Ugliness Try’s To Stand In The View Of Beauty?

Seeing Beauty in a moment of ugliness…Don’t just set there allowing ugliness to speak to you rudely…A slight repositioning clockwise abstract angle at the moment of trying to see beauty w/ ugliness standing in the view…Repositioning seem almost impossible to do…For you get caught up w/ dominating your opponent w/ the question “How dare you?”…Stand Before me w/ a haughty attitude?..Like you have a right to cloud my view of truly seeing the value of my beauty…which is my energy to continue along my journey…seeing beauty in a moment of ugliness seems almost impossible to do…if you just pause for a moment w/ authority…Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in dominating your opponent w/ the question “How Dare you?”…Instead w/ authority speak “you shall not continue to hold me up from repositioning…truly looking at my beauty in my newly found position in abstract clockwise view…
~sometimes you gotta move & LetGo in order to see your true beauty~

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