Kuztom Kutz Master Cosmetologist, Designer Gateway 2 Success. A Master Stylist Obtains The Skills Keys To Unlock Different Doors 2 Success. My Desire, To Create Your Desired Hairstyle. As I EL’Shaddi Allow Me To Write My Signature Across The Globe.

I’m Here To Serve My Multicultural CLIENTELE’FAM. Disciplining & Combing My Napped Head Children(LoL). United Together As One We Shall Stand. Look At The World Through My Rainbow 🌈 Windows.

Kuztom Kutz Season To Replenish Your Soul. Come Let’s Laugh & Eat Together, While Enjoying Lyfe In Mist of Controversy.

Replenish Your Soul Plate Sale Located At 30 Hughes St. Toccoa, Ga.. Friday 5th starting At 1 o’clock pm. Thanks In Advance For Your Support. All The Fund My Family Community Invest Will Be Regenerated Back In The Future Growth Of Making America Great Again.
To 21st Century Activists Stand Up For You Believe In, My Heart & Prayer Are With You. As EL’Shaddi Ordained Men & Women Stand On The Front Line of This Battle. Just Remember Until We Shed Light On & Cleanse Out Corruption That Lead Us To This Pandemic That’s Stalling Our Season of Growth & Prosperity. We’ll Find Ourselves Wondering Down This Same Path Again.
It’s Our Season United As One To Expose & Cleanse The Corruption That’s Stealing & Killing Our Destiny.

Kuztom Kutz Life Enlightenment. Along This Journey Designing Your Gateway To Success You’ll Meet Greed; The Enemy Will Utilize It For Evil But EL’Shaddi Will Turn It Around For Your Good.

Kuztom Kutz Lyfe Enlightenment…2007…I Meet A Young Man Had A joyful Entree 2 The Entertainment Gateway…My Lyfe Has Never Been The Same…My Lyfe Has Been Secretly Manipulated Every Since#LetMeLive#BitterBettyBarbie#PsychoAtheistHaterSquad…