Kuztom Kutz; Kingdom Sends Greeting Prophetic Poetry Flow; A Woman Wears A Bandaid Crown To Cover Her Scar…

A Woman scorned, her scars covered with a bandaid beautiful memories of joy, encountered along her life journey…

As she embraces her scorned scar bandaids of beauty memory of joy, envy & bitterness sets watching…Awaiting the moment for their venomous word with the audacity it has a right to speak. Just to leave behind a black hole scar from a failed toxic relationship, that was sent to kill me. How dare you step to me? With an audacity, venomous, negative attitude; intension to strip away my bandaid of beautiful memorial joy gathered along my journey…You only desire to draw the ugliness out of me, misery loves company…Since you came with audacity attitude like you have a right to be in the presence of a woman scorned & crowned with beauty for her ashes…You failed to heed the warning signs…Before entering the gates of Holiness “ye touch not my anointing” whose been crowned with beauty, the bandaid that cover these scares has been ordained by EL’Shaddi, in which he only crowns a scorn woman who endured trails & tribulations…His Angels are encamped out around her lest she dash his foot against a stone…Now heed his warning watch how you speak to a women who’s been scorned along her journey…Her scars are covered by EL’Shaddi, crown of beauty memory of joy she encountered along her journey…

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