Kuztom Kutz Present Kingdom Sending Greeting Future Biblical Prophecy Year 2053!!!

Biblical God Sent Prophecy TrenchBaby Phatman shall See the Age 60 in 2053….

He gonna see year 2053 in 32 years he’ll be 60 year old thus says the Lord…


After this he might see 80 according to thy strength in him in the Lord

~👀year 2053~

What will this world be like..Who Gonna be the President?????

Look at God Speaking to TrenchBaby Phatman..

Unusual I do they birthday post on they birthday early in the morning but for some odd reason nothing would come out my belly for him..

I been feeling crazy because I did one for my daughter & not him but it was held up til I reached This place in Gods word…

Look at Gods confirmation speak to my son Psalm 90:9-12…

I remember I used to make them fast at least I thought they was. They confessed eating in secret in their room but now as adult I see them sometimes fasting…

God said “let life teach’em” Somebody having teen trouble if they at that age & have graduated “let’em go.”

Life will make them or break them all you can do now is pray.

God got them, my prayer over them is “God they was your before they was mines in your hands I commit they spirit”


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