Kuztom Kutz Present Kingdom Sending Greeting Future Biblical Prophecy Year 2053!!!

Biblical God Sent Prophecy TrenchBaby Phatman shall See the Age 60 in 2053ā€¦.

He gonna see year 2053 in 32 years heā€™ll be 60 year old thus says the Lordā€¦


After this he might see 80 according to thy strength in him in the Lord

~šŸ‘€year 2053~

What will this world be like..Who Gonna be the President?????

Look at God Speaking to TrenchBaby Phatman..

Unusual I do they birthday post on they birthday early in the morning but for some odd reason nothing would come out my belly for him..

I been feeling crazy because I did one for my daughter & not him but it was held up til I reached This place in Gods wordā€¦

Look at Gods confirmation speak to my son Psalm 90:9-12ā€¦

I remember I used to make them fast at least I thought they was. They confessed eating in secret in their room but now as adult I see them sometimes fastingā€¦

God said ā€œlet life teachā€™emā€ Somebody having teen trouble if they at that age & have graduated ā€œletā€™em go.ā€

Life will make them or break them all you can do now is pray.

God got them, my prayer over them is ā€œGod they was your before they was mines in your hands I commit they spiritā€


Kuztom Kutz Tis The moment to Rejoice, Celebrate Life In spite of A Pandemic Saying ā€œStay In Yo Laneā€

Kingdom Sends Greeting Celebrating Lifeā€¦

The molding of the hands of timeā€¦

The Birthing of a Kingdom Manā€¦

Who Life has engulfed giving him his rightful titleā€¦

Help me celebrate TrenchBaby Phatman my first born 28th Birthday

Happy Birthday Son July 28ā€¦As you Living your best lifeā€¦

Iā€™m so amazed heā€™s 28yrs old, this is mind blowing to meā€¦

I can remember as it was yesterday me being a teenager walking, taking him everywhere I went Man!..Timeā€¦

Life changes at 28 mines did

~Love & LetGo~

Donā€™t except No!ā€¦as you go through your molding phase see it..D3sign it!!!!!!!

~Happy Birthday~

Kuztom Kutz Present: A Silent Voter VoiceĀ Speaks Volume,Ā Electronic BallotĀ Is the Future Sample Review.


(Introduction) 21st century New World Order roll out the red carpet for the HB 6002 voting by mail in the 2020 general election. This transitioning election has given power to the Democratic Party, on the 56th Anniversary of Selma, signed into order the reformed ā€œBloody Sunday,ā€ 1965 Voters Rights Act. (Thesis Pt. 1) Their vision is to improve tax paying citizen voting rights; however, this past election last count caused a delay announcing the 2021 Presidential elect. Yes, postal service provides tracking numbers and insurance but how reliable is the delivery service, what kind of life coincidence may cause a delay. (Thesis Pt.2) Voting by mail, can this transition give accurate report, eliminating voter fraud going forward during time of Presidential election?  

(Claim; Topic Subject) The ending of 2020 year-round up the presidential term, meaning it is time for the people to reelect a new president. This past 2020-2021 voting during a pandemic election summoned controversy, as the whole nation tries to heal from COVID-19. On November 2, 2020, soul to the pole gather across the nation casting their ballot choice who should be the next President of the United States of America. Prior to voting the COVID-19 pandemic, caused the state of emergency to order citizen stay inside their homes, activating the HB 6002 absentee voting, these are changes concerning EDR (Election Day Registration), giving citizen the opportunity to mail in their ballots. Absentee voting may seem to have been easy access for many who suffering from a disability, or some medical condition but, how accurate is it. In future election will Washington face angry mob rioting because the people feel their voter right are being suppressed. The leadership of the nation have deeper concern rebuilding our economy versus unnecessary riot lawsuit case, adding more numbers to the incarceration statistic. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, not only did this cause society to stay in place controlling our social activities. It also spread fear across the land, suppressing citizens and violated our First Amendment Constitutional rights. 

(Grounds/Evidence for the claim) As society complied with CDC and Executive Order enforced by the governor on May 20, 2020, regarding COVID-19 sickness code 7QQ (Ā§Ā§ 1-5), these requirements would be eliminating large crowd gathering to help curve the spread of COVID-19 assuring public health safety (Ā§ 501). More state policies followed, the HB 6002 Bill took effect in 2020 general election, giving access to thousands of disabled citizens and the nations the choice of mailing in their ballots. The HB 6002 Bill is a highly supervised voting law meaning all absentees must be supervised. The mail-in ballots must comply with deadline timeframes, this gives the ballot clerk time 14 days (about 2 weeks) prior to election day to sort through and accurately count the ballots. The 14-day deadline also would give absentee ballots time to withdraw from mail-in list, if he/she decided they would like to vote in person. The chronological order deadline under law town clerk must begin sorting 7-days prior to election date by 11pm. If elector decide to withdraw mail-in ballot to vote in person this must be done 10 a.m. on election day. The HB 6002 Bill give allowance to extend the deadline usage of ballot drop box which gave specific timeframes leading up to election date. The timeframe allotted was months before the actual election so, why did it take months after the election still recounts spark questions. The ballot drop box how accurate is it, did the actual envelops have barcode scanner, if not who is to say that the mail-in ballots was not altered?  

(Warrant/grounds supporting claim) The ideal of the HB 6002 was to accommodate the elderly, disable, and help enforce CDC public health safety guidelines. The requirement timeframe was thorough with timing to submit ballots, the National Conference of State Legislatures give 13 statement outlines dealing with different states ballots guides. Out of the 13 statements #4.) State Supreme Court waived signature, (7) lawsuit waived witness requirements, and (8.) the voter cure issues created (G. ā€œResolution Boardā€ means a group of individuals consisting of an odd number of not less than three registered voters of the county, or municipality for municipal elections, appointed by the officials in charge of the election to process absentee ballots, review blank, overvoted, undervote, and damaged ballots, and to transfer non-scannable ballots to scannable ballots.ā€) These three are kind of alarming to me which raises questions 1.) the state signature waiver, do this give permission to cast any ballots without a legitimate signature? 2.) Why incorporate lawsuit if it has not been considering the possibility of issue to cause fraud to dispute possibility for a lawsuit? 3.) Why create a cure for issue if not assumed the need to clean up or process damage ballot, would that be consider fraud? Is the HB 6002 Bill a simple legal document of instruction how to cover up voter’s fraud? 

(Rebuttal of the claim) COVID-19 residue hovering over nation, reshaping our society economy and laws. Considering the impact, the nation has endured, will this leave the nation in a stagnant position by continuing to suppress the freedom of the people First Amendments? The people have a right to assemble peaceable during times of decision making in to regarding who will lead the nation. This also a time of fellowship which honors a biblical instruction confirmation for God stated, ā€œwhere two or more gather in my name I am in the midstā€ (Matthew 18:20). This nation Constitution was originally built upon a biblical foundation. Think about it, do you not have any concerns about the HB 60002 Bill, voting by mail? The error clause statement in section # 8 is not alarming, that statement says that ā€œa selected officials chosen by town or local government have the right to correct damage ballots making them redeemed scannable.ā€ If the United States choose to use drop box ballots, there need to be a more accurate form to assure ballots are not tampered with. When the time come again for reelection, at least 7 months in advance or at the beginning of that year the state should already have a head count on who is voting by mail. Once count is in, there is no last-minute withdrawal to do in person voting. Everyone who will be participating in the HB 6002, should be issue a custom government official envelop that have a scanner code label on it. These envelopes must be either pickup by a designated government temporary postal service that is scanned in this can automatically give a direct count and tracking on the enclosed secure ballot. By the next presidential election in 2024 the HB 6002 Bill need a serious legal adjustment, to ensure that the tax paying citizens silent voice is being heard, to ensure that the American people right to choose is not being violated, giving fair opportunity to correct presidential elect. 

Kingdom Sends Greeting; Presents The Last Doses of ā€œPain Killersā€ Title ā€œA Pain In The Neck,ā€ By Gods Chosen Vessel Dr. Jamal Bryant.

Go to wearenewbirth.org order the complete series of Pain Killers. This is a life transformation rhema word sent from God. Just listen into the spiritual realm, & he who has a ear to hear, hear what the proclaiming. Revelation 2:29

Kingdom Send Greeting; History Review Metropolitan Atlanta, “The Crack Cocaine Transition From Street Life To Business Causual.”

The Evolving of MetropolitanĀ AreaĀ 

Every average working American enjoy a rejuvenated weekend, a moment to lay asides burden to recuperate. Some may choose to relax at home, go to the movies, have dinner, and afterward a little dancing. Due to some economic development and crime in Fulton County, this taunted the average worker opportunities to enjoy entertainment in MetropolitanĀ Atlanta,Ā area.Ā Ā Years ago, in the early 70ā€™s and 90ā€™s MetropolitanĀ areaĀ in Fulton County, was known for night life entertainment. As the economy began to grow street life crime shifted to the business casual life.Ā 

In the early 70ā€™s & 90ā€™s Fulton County, Metropolitan area was polluted with prostitution and drug crimes which spells profit. The early 80ā€™s was known for the crack epidemic high crime made Atlanta, the most dangerous city. The lifestyle sex, money and power spark the interest of political religion leaders. President Richard Nixion envisioned and organized ā€œWar on Drugs,ā€ the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) main objective was to control street crimes, around the early 90s drug crime began to decline. When President Richard Nixion Started the ā€œWar on Drug,ā€ movement, cocaine substance known as crack became a controlled substance drug no longer just sold on the streets, it is now known as opioids sold over the counter in pharmacy. Since the political and religious leaders began economic development for a political profit, crime in no longer a street gang issue, itā€™s now controlled by politics. 

The economic development began to increase in entertainment value, as more nightclubs, movie production, and music began to blossom across Atlanta.  The population in 1990 was 2,557,800, since then some of Atlanta, best companies like Cocoa Cola, Home Depot, and Delta Airlines has contributed to population increased to 488,800 (2019). 

In 1996 the Summer Olympics came to Atlanta, Ga, a city known for gang violence, carjacking, and drugs this made history but a tragic history due to the pipe bombing that killed 2 people injuring 111. The crimes that plagued the street of Metropolitan Pkwy, made it difficult for family social gathering, leaving the restaurants and nightclubs ability to thrive desolate. Centennial Park continued grow as the local law officer attempted clean the streets in 1997. Centennial Park known today still a popular location to host music events, Independence Day concerts and much more entertaining activities. 

 This birth the crime rate for prostitution, drugs, political crimes, and corruption in religion, that is now known as the private sector in our professional corporate America. As the government development planning began shaping the historic characteristic of Atlanta, reserving the sports history events that thrive throughout Atlanta, Ga. This development caused the expansion project to enlarge opportunities for a night life of entertainment, known as HipHop ā€œSWATSā€ (ā€œSouthwest Atlanta, Too Strongā€) widen the variety of choices to have mix and mingling night out on the town. In the early 70ā€™s the first CNN retail hotel franchise became the center of attraction the home of the Atlanta Hawks, and Atlanta flame ice hockey also known as the Omni Coliseum, which could seat up to 16,500 people. As the HipHop culture, and the wonderful world of the Atlanta Braves, blossomed so did social gathering in early 70ā€™s leading up to now. When the Hip-hop culture step on the scene this create job opportunity for the idol mind on the street corner, as it created change mind set to leave the street life.  

Every average working American desire to enjoy the fruit of his/her labor whether enjoying a night of entrainment or a weekend getaway. Metropolitan area has blossom into one of the main attractions from fashion, exquisite foods, and movie production as the music HipHop industry scene grew in 1980 & 90ā€™s bombarding the streets of Atlanta. As society grew so did the social secret life desire for money, sex, & power, ties to secret leadership group called the Illuminati which is the biggest political, and corrupt religious mafia in the nation. The government operation economic development ties to Illuminati corruption have reshaped the world we know and call home for selfish profit purposes only. The entertainment HipHop world, Tv production, churches, major sports, and schools have been controlled by the corrupt religious and political leader joined secret society known as the illuminati. Metropolitan Pkwy in the 70ā€™s crime life has been converted in a bittersweet way which has gone from the street corner gang related to the now Illuminati Corporate America.  

America The Land of The Free, Social Injustice What Is The Root Cause? How Did We Stray Away From A biblical Foundation? In Which Our Ancestors Made Sacrafices for Our Indendence, Only For Those In Charge To Turn Around And Deny The Very Ones Known As Our People The Right To Vote. Is America Doubling Back Just Contradict The Law Of Freedom?

Let call this the era of Mens Rea~Marta Carta the 21st century “The Guilty Mind Conspiracy, For Ruler To Have Ultimate Power Over The Government.”

By political religion leaders not honoring, but instead they have manipulated Marta Carta and Mens Rea only for selfish purpose according The Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology, Mens Rea Has Been cuffed by the justice system allowing illegal crimes to elevate a spirit of intimidation to set on the throne with total power over the justice system.

The Journal Of Criminal Law & Criminology states that Corporate criminal justice rests on the fiction that corporations possess “minds” capable of instantiating culpable mens rea. The retributive and deterrent justifications for punishing criminal corporations are strongest when those minds are well-ordered. In such cases misdeeds are most likely to reflect malice, etc….

I have said before the Justice fail to enforce the Law Mens Rea for the purpose of selfish acts to plead insane allowing them to get away with breaking the Law.. This has become the political religious leader get-out-jail-free card. Allowing the to misuse Holy scriptures teach that Proverbs 23:7 will get you whatever you want.

The Baptist Bishop false doctrine teaches Man Is a Tripartite Person meaning body..soul..& spirit in a trance mediated state man can step outside their body travel to wherever they desire shaping their environment. This also known in the church today as matrix realm living communing in the Spirit to break the law.. This false doctrine is the reason so much chaos has sweep across the land.. The hypocrite corrupt religious & political use this to steal.. kill & destory,

The leadership today and their mental belief is contradicting the foundation of the Constitutional Law. How do you over throw power if you can alter the minds of those who you fear you can manipulate the environment?

In this 21st century African American, are not just assisting with the fight, they’re leading the fight. If they can psychological break you with fear and intimidation knowing your rights & power to speak through your votes have been strippen away form you. Than they can have ultimate power to rule with Mens Rea as shield to manipulate the law.

Kingdom Sends Greetings, Todays Corruption Has Led The Nation A Stray. Leaders in this 21st have forgotten How America Was Bult Upon a Biblical Fountion

Social Justice Issues: Voting RightsĀ Ā 

When I hear voting rights, I think of America,Ā the land of the freeĀ birth from the beliefĀ inĀ God,Ā weĀ trust.Ā The injustice society faces todayĀ contradicts theĀ biblicalĀ foundationĀ America, wasĀ builtĀ upon.Ā We areĀ dealing with a nationĀ in this 21stĀ that has forgotten the developmentĀ of the United StatesĀ of America.Ā HowĀ in theĀ early 1700 surrounding countries Spain, France,Ā andĀ England desired to form ā€œNew Worldā€ of unity with America governmentĀ toĀ bring different cultures togetherĀ in freedom.Ā This movementĀ ledĀ to theĀ beginning of America RevolutionĀ whichĀ includedĀ The Second ContinentalĀ Congress,Ā America becomingĀ independent from Great Britain, known as TheĀ Declaration of Independence.Ā The independence of AmericaĀ in 1777Ā was designedĀ to shape the governmentĀ to create a new country.Ā As the government grew section was divided into groups,Ā the U.S Constitution beganĀ toĀ formĀ lawsĀ to discipline the government.Ā Magna Carta,Ā law was signed into order on the 12thĀ dayĀ of JuneĀ 1215 by King John,Ā thisĀ decreeĀ enforcedĀ that even theĀ kingĀ had to obey the law.Ā Ā 

I believe the government in this 21st century has forgotten the purpose of the Constitution and the fundamental concepts of the Magna Carta, this was not for the people; it is a semi form of the Ten commencement for the government.  

 The Fifteenth Amendment which was established in 1870 states that you should not be limited to voting right because of race, color, or previous condition of servitude. 

I said all that to say this how a country who fought for independence, freedomĀ toĀ haveĀ a right to be involve with society making laws. HowĀ canĀ the government hinder the African AmericanĀ voting rightsĀ in this 21stĀ century, have youĀ forgottenĀ weĀ helpedĀ fightĀ for the independency of American while still beginĀ slaves?Ā How can this 21stĀ century governmentĀ forget the biblicalĀ foundation America was bult upon the bible said in?Ā (John 8:36)Ā ā€œSo if theĀ SonĀ sets you free, you will be free indeed.ā€ (ProverbsĀ 25:21) ā€œif he is thirsty, give him water to drink.ā€Ā How can we be united and stand as aĀ nation in God divided by lawsĀ racialĀ indifference?Ā Letā€™s stand inĀ truth unitedĀ honoring what our ancestorĀ foughtĀ forĀ equal opportunity.Ā 

Kingdom Greeting, 1st Hour Prayer Watch 6pm. Revelation; Thus says the Lord Repent strategic, & prophetic national & global intercession phase.

Thus says the Lord Gen. 1:5 & Daniel 9:1..on the first day of the first year you have been position as King over realms..over Chaldeans(known for astrology and witchcraft) Understand you shall Go through a season of emptiness, emptying out your will in frogivenessā€¦Thus says the lord about his people Daniel 9:7; 8, 11-12,17, 22-24

Esther 5:3 And the king said, What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai for this? Then said the king’s servants that ministered unto him, There is nothing done for him thus says the Lord.

According to 9:24-25 Atone~make amends or reparation#El’shaddi

~Spiritual Inspirationļæ¼~

Kingdom Sends Greeting, Presents Kuztom Kutz, Prophetic Poetic Wind Blowing: A Daniel 9:1 Woman Harmony Kinda Tuesday.

To Love or Not To Loveāœļø

*When I think of you, I visualize the sun, stars, & the moon sync harmonizing in unityā€¦.

*When I think of you, my natural nature ignites a physical energy in meā€¦oh! Sweetie my libido shouts yes!ā€¦yes!..yes!ā€¦As my clitoris background sing La!ā€¦La!..:La!ā€¦


*When I think of you, blood surge to my heart instantly resuscitate lifeā€¦
Pure Joyā€¦
In spite of a tear may fallā€¦Yet still mesmerized by the tranquility shot of love from glazing into your eyesā€¦
That tear drop absorbed & sealed with a kiss as we drift away with a passionately flowing orgasmā€¦
Iā€™m empty nowā€¦
Cum!ā€¦Cum!..Cum!ā€¦the doorways open..Now fill me up w/ your spiritā€¦Lock our thoughts, & birth true divine harmonyā€¦

When I think of you, thereā€™s hope & a future with Loveā€¦Peaceā€¦& Prosperityā€¦

Thinking out loud my!..thoughts of youā€¦Did I think too loudly?ā€¦Please forgive me..Donā€™t let my rudeness interrupt your daily routineā€¦
May I ask one thingā€¦In your spare timeā€¦moment of stillness reflect backā€¦take a glimpse at my remarks of what!..& when I think of youā€¦




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