Kuztom Kutz Women Designers Cotton Candy Multicolored Wig Collection Birthing Season. My Desire To Design Wigs & Wiz Hats For A Multicultural Society.

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El’shaddi Kuztom Kutz Revelation Mysteries of The Kingdom Spiritual Enlightenment.

From the beginning God had given man dominion over the earth, after he created all living thing according to the manifestation of life.

God knew the fall of man would happen for he stated in Jeramiah 10 he knows the plans he has for you.

When Adam, sinned & lost dominion here on earth, God had already set in order those whom he desired to rule over the creeping things of this world.

Greek mythology has for decades been known as a myth of fairy tales but if you study closely the book of Revelation, it will give you a glimpse of enlightenment that ties closely to the insights of the Greek Myths.

The book of Revelation, is the End which is the the Beginning of God insight that was designed in Heaven( the spiritual realm); but we are described as a reverse generation who seeketh after a sign(Matt 16:4).

It states in Revelation 1:18 I am He who live & was dead & behold I am alive forevermore. Amen & I have the keys of Hades & of Death. Revelation 1:10 state I am the Alpha & The Omega, the First & the Last. Revelation 19:16 King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

At this time if introduction God was introducing himself as the overseer of all creation as he spoke to his spiritual kingdom. For God knew all that he had created in the spiritual realm would become a natural manifestation, & would require a overseer to help manage order in the world.

In Exodus 18: 1-27 when Moses, was sent to guide God people into the wilderness Jethro, went to Moses, & recommended Moses, select judges to help govern the people ( See how God speaks for God knew the things of this world was too grand, it’s not that he couldn’t handle it). God is a God of peace & Love, God knew that chaos, corruption, & wickedness would plague the world, therefore God appointed other Gods, Kings, & Rulers to the level of life in which he designed according to their strength to govern over the affairs of this world.

If you study closely in Genesis it states God had given man dominion over all things that creepeth upon the earth but since man fail to till the ground, for their eye’s was set on chasing after worldly flesh material things. The Greek Gods govern the ground spiritual realm & forces of nature in the world.

In Revelation God said he has the keys to Hades & of Death, But appointed the brother of a Greek God known as Zeus, who was appointed king of Gods, Lord of the sky, Zeus’s brother Hades, ruled the darkness. That why God said I am king of Kings Lord of Lords in the book of Revelation.

God is a God of order & the hidden things are being made known, brought forth into the light so that we can began to know who we are, know your place. For this nation has been out of order since the beginning of time. God calling forth order.

God designed a hidden secret society to govern over his people/flock because his people chose to follow a path of materialism without wisely guidance. Therefore just as the secret society govern over the people, the Greek Gods govern over them disguised as the Forces of Nature. King of Kings, Lord of Lords; Greek Gods Overseers.

~Spiritual Eye of the Beholder; Hiley R. Howard( El’shaddi Revelation)~

Kuztom Kutz Poetry; Wrestling With Nature Of Life, As It Twirls & Hurls You Throughout Life.

Twirling & hurling about in life seeking a moments place of peaceful rest.

As you wrestle with a raging sea wave of thoughts. You almost surrender to the command of the raging sea waves as they violently twirling & hurling you about along your journey.

Suddenly pain disguised as a thorny rose speak silently through the breeze flowing across the raging sea.

At that moment a surging bundle of energy suddenly replenish your mind, body, & soul. Enabling you to remember the purpose of your journey.

As the pain disguised as a thorny rose speak across the raging sea silently, ” hey you there waddling as your being twirled & hurled about on your life journey, a taste of joy must have a teaspoon of bitterness to balance out the harmony equation for this life journey.” (Pause harmony ocean breeze cleansing healing) once again the pain disguised as a thorny rose speak across the raging sea silently through the raging sea twisted breeze,” don’t lack to understand your healing, for as you allow yourself to heal this now becomes your energy. Don’t waddle in pain neither beg it to stay, politely hand it a water bottle & a lunch baggy with these instruction; “hurry along your way eat & be merry for you have served your purpose there’s no longer a need for you to stay; for your weight is like a anchor that’s hindering my boat from floating & completing my journey. At this moment you shall no longer block my peace by having me anchored in your misery as we both are twirled & hurled about in life wrestling with a raging sea of thoughts. Peace! be still, for I no longer welcome pain to sail with me along my journey.

~Hiley R, Howard~

Kuztom Kutz Celebrations Of Life. A Mother’s Love Is Define By Action, Words Cannot Express How It Feel Seeing Your First Born Write His Signature Across The Globe.

Kuztom Kutz Birthday Shoutout Enlightenment. On The Lyfe2Grand Day 27years Ago The Doctors Cut My Physical Umbilical Cord As This Young Man Made His Grand Entrance Into The World. Greatness Awaits#Live#Love#LetGo#DaGood#DaBad#DaUgly#4Lyfe.

Kuztom Kutz News Letter; Recognizing Your True Identity As We Journey Through The Wilderness Of Life.

Knowing your place & who you are in life, we was designed to be kings & priest to reign over our region throughout society; to live in harmony & order. In a kings palace which can also be describe as head of state.

As we journey through life we can learn to utilize the palace principles applying these principles to each individuals life style.

It seem as we grow in life, the older we get, we revert back to a child like state. Aging but not truly maturing psychologically.

The kings palace principle is a manual guide for us to apply to your own home/head of state. Within the ground you have till, in today’s society we have other people over stepping their boundary’s reigning over territories they haven’t till or sowed any seeds into it, to help it manifest.

In the palace you have dignitary setting at the head of the table which are described as kings, kings can also know as monarch.

As we learn to apply the King regnant principles to our life we don’t have to be a ordained clergymen, just take their duties & apply it to your home/head of state. How do you or why do you think you have a right to possess or rule another person ground you have not till/work for? When you haven’t even applied proper guidance insight to lead your own inner sanctuary. Sanctuary may seem like we must set aside life & live holy.

No! knowing the King Regnant Principle will give you insight to the order of the church, for we are the church journeying in the wilderness of Life. Do you know how many home are across the nation who are marked on their forehead with the seal as a servant of our God. In the book of Revelation it describe the number by twelve thousand according to each tribe. If you know who you are & know your worth you will begin to govern yourself accordingly.

Know who you are along this dark wilderness journey will give you shinning light insight on where your going. For El’shaddi, said in Rev. 5:9; we have been redeemed by the blood(bought w/ a price) out of every family & mouth & vessel & nation. Heaven he made kings & priest to El’shaddi. We have dominion here on earth.

Know the order of your worth, as we journey through life applying the King Regnant Principles. Applying the King Regnant Principle as a king in your home, this will give you insight to govern yourself accordingly learn to till your own ground before you overthrow, trespassing trying to till your neighbors ground.

Know your place & who you are in life as we journey through the wilderness of life.

When we begin to apply this everything else will slowly fall away enable us to walk accordingly as he has planned for our lives. As we learn to live harmony as journey through the wilderness of life.

Kuztom Kutz Dinner Date Dish, Great Time To Wear GutterQueen Sexy Classy Kuztom D3sign Lace Skirt OutFit.

EL’Shaddi Enlightenment Date Night…El’Shaddi Gave me the Manuel 2 Mend the brokenness Guide 2 Self-Love…When you learn 2 master the purity of your own environment…this will give you enlightenment of another person brokenness when that spirit enter your presence#Lyfe2Grand#Live#Love#LetGo…

Kuztom Kutz Story News Letter, Delilah Death Sega.

Delih, was an ordinary upstanding citizen, well known within the community. She seem to take a liken to the town people except for one known person who was viewed as the town villain by the name Dodge. Neither Delilah, nor the town people knew much bout Dodge, other than his presence to them would evoke them to lash out violently towards him each time he visited town or social events, which wasn’t often. Dodge, would only visit town three times a week to gather needed personal items.

Each time Delilah, passed or saw Dodge, Coming afar Delilah, would chant “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul.” Instantly the townsmen group that was around would began to chant “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul.” At that  very moment when they began chanting an evil spirit would possess them all causing them to attempt physical harm against Dodge.

One particular day Delilah, saw coming afar she began chanting “beware, beware, of the dark soul who lurks afar who’s heart so cold, secrets untold, and has power to possess your soul,” she quickly ran to the town cook whom she was quite entangled with and persuaded him to heat up some pig’s blood. Once Dodge got to the center of town Delilah, cast the blood upon him causing Dodge, to faint from shock, the evil spirit that was upon the towns people caused them to act as if all was well and they carried on with their daily social agenda. Dodge, only blacked out for a short moment and manage to stumble back to his cottage in the woods outside of town. It took some time for Dodge, to heal and regain his strength back to travel back to town, he had enough supplies to last for the time being.

Each day as Dodge, Recuperated Delilah, would arise and go to the center of town to await thinking assuredly he would arrive today to restock his supplies for she had mastered the ultimate plan to rid the town of this soul snatching villain.

Two season passed, summer and fall, still no site of Dodge, winter breeze slowly began to creep in.

Delilah, rarely left town but as the temperature continued to drop the town cook got ill and he sent the town messenger to fetch Delilah, to send her on a trip outside of town to bring back some rare medicine that only the witch doctor possessed. Delilah, couldn’t refuse the trip for her dear friend life depended upon it.

As ‘Delilah, sat out on her journey not realizing how far she had traveled she became weary along the way and in need of some rest she came upon a small cottage in the center of the woods. The only thing the messenger told her was you will know your exact location at which the time completely stop!

When Delilah, approached the small cottage she called out ‘I passed yonder way and if it set well with your soul if I may abide but for a moment to continue on my way?” When the old man open his door up Delilah, fail to recognized that it was Dodge, the town villain, for his hair and beard had grown out, his appearance had completely changed. Dodge, instantly recognized Delilah, but didn’t acknowledge it. Instantly Dodge, replied “as the season changed winter has called for  stranger to my way.”

Delilah, says “it’s you the town villain?”

Dodge, reply “indeed it is I but a villain I am not”

Delilah, “what revenge do you have in store for me? Pleaser allow me to continue on my journey in search of the witch doctor for my dear friend life depends upon my return.

Dodge, replied “ up the stairway awaits that which you desire, at the mirror of life.”

As Delilah, approached the mirror of life, Dodge, chanted in the back ground “mirror, mirror, on the wall only you possess the truth of the soul, in which able to heal illnesses of a plaguing soul.” Instantly a ghost appearance flashed across her face, she quickly turned running straight out the door into the wilderness jungle so quick Delilah, ran to the edge her head was caught in tree branch and her body drop into the abyss.

A silent whispered in the breeze “low and behold the mirror of life has the power to reveal the true intention of the soul.”